The Adventures of Spaz: A Spaz is Born

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Baby Spaz

When people say that it takes a long time to write a book, what they mean is it takes a long time to write a book! We started writing Spaz: The True Story of my Life With ADHD over two years ago. At first we didn’t know what it would become we just knew that Leigh had a bunch of stories that we wanted to get down on paper.

The first story we wrote was the chapter that would later become known as “The Statement”. This story of Leigh overhearing that he would be “dead or in jail by the time he’s eighteen” was one that he had told over and over again. The fact that he was in his forties and was quite clearly neither of these things made us think that this would be a good example of a success story. The story was fun to write because we got to capture young Leigh’s voice as he tried to become a super spy and I think I felt right away that I had nailed it.

From there we proceeded to write other stories, mostly from his youth and some into his college years until we got a point where we said “now what?” We didn’t have an answer. Did we blog it? (I didn’t/don’t know the first thing about blogging.) Did we try to sell it to a publishing company? Was it even any good????

These questions paralyzed our progress. I tucked the computer aside and set out to be a mom/wife and to find my purpose now that I was no longer teaching high school full-time. This was when I happened across the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA). I was intrigued at the notion that someone could take classes on ADHD and how to coach people affected by it. The first class entitled “Simply ADD” taught me more than any other book, website, doctor, or personal experience ever had. Suddenly I dove into all things ADHD and began further research on my own.

I knew that I wanted everyone to know what I learned because frankly everything I learned was a lightbulb moment. I began to truly understand why Leigh did or said certain things and I began to understand why our daughter was … well, the way she was. And suddenly I realized that every story we had written about Leigh and his struggles or his successes could be explained/backed up/comprehended by a deep and new understanding of ADHD.

Suddenly we were re-energized and the unorganized stories that were saved on my laptop were birthed into this new format which is found in the published version of Spaz. We would take each story and introduce it with information, education, suggestions, and/or research. And while it certainly isn’t overwhelmingly scientific or information heavy, it gave us a new direction–one that would cause us to ultimately write our Call to Action in the conclusion. We were determined to help, inspire, educate, and build up the people who would become our readers. We just knew that people needed to have a book like this and there was no other one like it.

The ins and outs of how Spaz: The True Story of My Life With ADHD came to life are much more detailed and thorough but, for now, you know a bit about how our paperback pride and joy came into the world. SpazBookCover_BLACKOUTLINE

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