Introducing Our First Guest Blogger, Mandy Hasslen-Gartner!

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Becoming a Guest Blogger…..

MandyHey fellow Spaz blog follower, my name is Mandy Hasslen-Gartner and I am your guest blogger for today and will be guest blogging my ADHD story periodically.  I am a mom of two boys 17 & 14 and an ADHD Life Coach from Minneapolis, MN. My company is ADHD Kid Coach, LLC. I met Renee through ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy). Funny I say “met” because after hours in class together, texting and on the phone we have still yet to be in the same room but I consider her a friend as much as a she is a colleague.  I don’t think I had even finished the email that their book Spaz was done and I was ordering my copy. I was so excited their dream was finally out in the world.  Like many of you, I cried and cheered and wanted to know the ending of the story, even though I knew it was a happy ending!  In the last few weeks I have texted with Renee and she asked me if I would share my son’s story, (which I will in the future). Renee thought it might be helpful for me to share my own story too as a female diagnosed later in life, at age 43.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting at the computer and I was supposed to be working on my final project for school but I found total ADHD kicking in because, instead, I was thinking of this blog. When something way more interesting than what I should be doing came up, I found myself suddenly sending Renee a whole list of ideas that would be fun to blog on for the Spaz site.  Therefore, in the future I will share about my own diagnosis, and my son’s story of ADHD and co-existing depression/anxiety, as well as topics such as overwhelm, importance of routine, scaffolding, and reading the room just to name a few.  If there is a topic you are interested in, just let me know. I look forward to helping to spread the #iamspaz message with you all!

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