Spaz Takes on Children’s Literature

We knew that, once Spaz: The True Story of My Life With ADHD hit the shelves, we wanted to do a children’s book. We knew that we did not want to recreate one of Leigh’s stories directly. The anecdotes in Spaz are often painful and sad, even when they end happily. They would not transfer well into content for an elementary school book.

I had to think long and hard about the purpose of writing this children’s book. What were we trying to accomplish? What did we want people to get out of this version? The answers were surprisingly clear. We wanted young children with ADHD to read our book and to know that:

They are not alone.

There is at least one character in one book that they can relate to.

Their behavior is not uncommon.

Although they have weaknesses, they also have strengths.

They have unique, special gifts that make them great.

Spaz cover optionThese desires of ours were strong enough to motivate us to get the children’s book completed as soon as possible. And so I Am Spaz was born.

The content is designed for elementary school aged children. It can be read by parents or teachers or by the child himself. We dream that it will appear in every school so teachers, staff, and other students can get a small glimpse into the ADHD mind. We hope it creates understanding and opens dialogue. We pray that it prevents bullying like the bullying Leigh was subject to throughout his life. We want it to change the way people think and feel about children with ADHD. We know that there are plenty of parents out there that need this book just as much as their children. We suspect that it may have an audience. We hope you will prove our suspicions correct. We need our Spaz fans now more than ever.

Help us convince children with ADHD to hold their heads up high. Help us create a safe environment for them. Help us educate the rest of the world about ADHD. Help us show our children that they are not weird, flawed, stupid, or broken. Help us show them that they can do anything that they set their mind to. Tell them to dream beyond the “norm” because they aren’t the “norm.” They are so much more.

 They are Spaz too. 



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