How “I Am Spaz” Can Stop the Bullies Before They Start.

It all started with the horrible nickname given to my husband at a young age: Spaz. For years he hid the shame and hurt inflicted by this name. He poked fun at himself and his idiosyncrasies before anyone else could. He downplayed his differences and pretended that he was just like everybody else.  But thenContinue reading “How “I Am Spaz” Can Stop the Bullies Before They Start.”

How to Love Someone With ADHD

I was so excited to watch the live production of Jesus Christ Superstar that recently aired on television. You see, I have always loved the music from the play. When I was in my teens I used to sing one song in particular over and over again. It did not matter that I had aContinue reading “How to Love Someone With ADHD”

Spaz Takes on Children’s Literature

We knew that, once Spaz: The True Story of My Life With ADHD hit the shelves, we wanted to do a children’s book. We knew that we did not want to recreate one of Leigh’s stories directly. The anecdotes in Spaz are often painful and sad, even when they end happily. They would not transfer well intoContinue reading “Spaz Takes on Children’s Literature”

Kindergarten Problems: Why is Everyone Smarter Than Me?

Last night, at what should have been bedtime, my five-year-old walked into my bathroom. She turned her big brown eyes up at me and I saw the tears begin to build. I asked her what was wrong. The first tear dropped down her cheek and she said, “Everyone in my class is smarter than me.”Continue reading “Kindergarten Problems: Why is Everyone Smarter Than Me?”

You are Loved: Imperfection, Introspection, and Intention.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day I feel inclined to write about love. Before you groan and close this window, I want you to know that I am going to speak about different kinds of love: The love of imperfection, the love of introspection, and the love of intention. Embrace your (Im)perfection You are perfect. Yes, you.Continue reading “You are Loved: Imperfection, Introspection, and Intention.”

When They Just Won’t Wear Jeans

“Just try the jeans on!” I say. “Look there are so many and they are all different kinds. Oh!” I exclaim, holding up an especially adorable pair with blingy buttons, “These are so cute!” “Mom. I don’t wear jeans.” protests my nine-year-old daughter. “I know. I know. But these are so cute. Ooooh! An adjustableContinue reading “When They Just Won’t Wear Jeans”

Guest Blog: When You All Have ADHD by Mandy Hasslen-Gartner

In my first post I said I would share my story. I was trying to figure out how best to tell it and then I had lunch with a high school classmate in November, always a fun thing to do. I had posted on Facebook about officially launching my ADHD coaching business, ADHD Kid CoachContinue reading “Guest Blog: When You All Have ADHD by Mandy Hasslen-Gartner”

What Choice Do You Make When it’s Time to Take Action?

In the intro to the chapter “How I Got into College” we mention and pay homage to Grant Cardone. To our knowledge Grant Cardone does not have ADHD, but he sure thinks like someone who does! In his book The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure he states: “Most people fail only becauseContinue reading “What Choice Do You Make When it’s Time to Take Action?”

Depression, (Step)Motherhood, and Biofeedback: One Inspiring and Brave Mom’s Story.

Being a mom with little kids is hard, being a stepmom is even harder, now add in major anxiety and depression… Yup that was my life and it was spiraling out of control.  But for you to truly understand how I hit rock bottom we must start from the beginning…  I was 15 when IContinue reading “Depression, (Step)Motherhood, and Biofeedback: One Inspiring and Brave Mom’s Story.”